Active Triple Filtration System

We’re dedicated to delivering brilliant fish and chips. So much so, that we’re constantly developing new systems and processes at the Florigo base, to give fish and chip shop owners the highest standards in filtration, technology and design. We have developed a brand new Active Triple Filtration system, built upon the successes of our previous models to provide second to none restaurant operations and quality food.

Florigo Active Triple Filtration
Our filtration systems are renowned and used by fish and chip shop owners across the UK, to help improve their oil quality, efficiency and economy. Our latest Active Triple Filtration system has been completely re-engineered to filter out even the finest impurities and keep the oil cleaner for longer. Not only this, but the system keeps the working area cleaner and safer, allowing staff to do their job optimally. Let’s take a look at the new system in more detail:

First filtration
Like our previous models, the Active system still has the crumb filters in the pans, to capture all the coarse crumbs and drain the oil off.

Second filtration
Again, the Active Triple Filtration system still benefits from the second filtration level, using a gravity fed filter bag to remove finer crumbs and large sediments.

Third filtration
The third level of filtration targets the finest dark carbon sediments that cannot easily be removed. The new system uses a filter pump which pulls the oil and fat through an interchangeable filter-pad. This is the only way to remove even the smallest carbon particles. The Active Triple Filtration can capture impurities from any oil, allowing you to save money, save time and improve your finished products.

Our latest video follows UK multi-award winning fish and chip restaurant owners Michael and Theo Papa-Adams, of Papas Barn Ditton. They currently use their very own state of the art Florigo range, however they put our newest Active Triple Filtration System to the test, to find out whether it really can produce finer quality, healthier and better tasting fish and chips:

Testing clean oil, the duo cooked fish and chips and compared the freshly used oil with the oil after filtration. The results showed that the impurities and carbon residues, and cloudy appearance of the used oil were dramatically reduced, leaving behind a clear oil which will only produce better tasting, healthier products.

The Active Triple Filtration system’s new features

If you’d like to find out more about this new system, or to discuss your frying requirements with our experienced team, please feel free to call us on 01527 592 000, or email