Career Opportunities within the Fish and Chip Industry

Florigo clients are passionate about driving the fish and chip industry forward. Whether this means sourcing the best quality organic produce, or investing in a frying range that offers the latest technology in high efficiency and filtration to deliver the highest standards of fried food. Whatever you do to attain the perfect fish and chip experience for your customers, one key area you need to get right is staff.

In this industry,
high staff turnover can be a problem, particularly in coastal areas where huge influxes of summer visitors mean many roles are strictly seasonal. Some potential workers may also be put off by the misconception that all fish and chip shops are greasy, cramped corner shops selling unhealthy food. Those of us who fry at the highest level, of course, know this isn’t true but how can you get this message across to your prospective workforce?

From our wealth of experience in helping restaurant and takeaway owners to transform their businesses, here are our top tips to make working in a fish and chip shop an opportunity not to be missed.

In short, by making your fish and chip establishment the very best it can be you will attract a higher calibre of staff and make it worth their while staying with you.

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