The Fish and Chip industry has faced some really difficult decisions recently due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Any owner has to do what’s best for their business and their staff, so whether you’ve decided to close or stay open, it’s important to stay united as an industry and continue to respect and support each other.

 It seems likely that we may be in this position for a few months yet, which is scary for all business owners, as it’s a long time to stay closed and lose your income. That’s why we want to help you where we can, if you are considering re-opening then we are happy to announce we are now able to help you get set up on Click & Collect.

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It’s important to remember you should only take up this option if you are able to safely practice social distancing whilst working. Maybe you can ask your customers to provide their car registration details and send the food out to them when they arrive, this method means the only people you have to worry about contaminating your shop is your staff, and at least you can monitor them closely. There are various options you can choose from, but you have to choose what is best for your own business.

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Our offices are open between the hours of 9am and 5pm and you will receive contact from us during these hours.