Fish and Chips Around the World

Oceans Fish & Chips

A British Tradition 

Fish and chips, the ultimate British dish, has transcended its origins and become a global sensation. This undeniable pairing of crispy battered fish and chunky chips, expertly prepared in state-of-the-art fryers, has become a signature favourite across the nations.

In the UK, fish and chips has long been a cherished tradition, served in paper cones with a side of mushy peas. We’re so obsessed with it, it was even used as a code name during the D-Day landings! However, its popularity quickly spread around the world, each country heading straight to the chip fryer, ready to put their own spin on the classic recipe.

Across the Nations

In Australia, locals love eating fish and chips at the beach, much like our own tradition of eating by the seaside. But with a lot more sand and sunshine. Their first recorded shop opened in 1879, with the dish now a staple on the menus of and in the fryers of many Australian pubs and restaurants.

In the US, the basic concept remains but with a variation of different types of fish. Forget the classic cod and haddock, think catfish, tilapia, and chips now upgraded to thick-cut wedges. Cross the northern border into Canada and you can find a poutine-inspired version. A dish of french fries and cheese curds, layered with warm gravy. If you know about typical British food, you’d see it as a big hit around here!

New Zealand brings a breath of fresh air, introducing locally caught fish to add a touch of freshness. Fish and chips has become their most popular takeaway food, adopting the British tradition into their New Zealand cuisine. Meanwhile, in South Africa, fish and chips has undergone a remarkable transformation, taking the signature meal out of the fish fryer into a vibrant, flavourful street food sensation.

A Delicious Evolution

Despite its British Roots, fish and chips has undergone a delicious evolution, proving that its universal appeal speaks louder than any language barrier. Commercial kitchen equipment, much like our chip fryers, can infuse your own creative flair into the established realm of fish and chips. Providing the flexibility and precision needed to craft your unique twist on the beloved cuisine. Making it more than a dish but a global flavour explosion, uniting taste buds across the world!