Fish and Chips, Delivered by Robot: Moores Fish & Chips

Welcome to an exciting new era of fish and chips, where your business can provide a unique and efficient delivery service. Moores Fish & Chips in Milton Keynes, UK, is pioneering robots for their deliveries, partnering with Starship Technologies to provide customers with a truly innovative way of getting their favourite dishes quickly.

Moores Fish and Chips are paving the way for other Fish and Chip shops to join them in leveraging new ways of navigating through the ever-changing landscape of foodservice.

Florigo Foodservice Equipment customer, Johnny Pereira of Moores, explains, “Parents like to order robot-delivered fish and chips for the family; it’s popular with kids. It’s increased business. I can spot when customers sitting outside are new to Milton Keynes – they stare at the robots!”

See the Robots in action

Businesses like Moores are reducing costs by using robots instead of human-driven vehicles while providing a more convenient delivery experience. For fish and chip shop owners across the country (and even beyond!), this could revolutionise their approach to customer service. Keep reading as we explore how robot deliveries work at Moores  – stepping into the future together!

Image of self driving robots lined up and ready to deliver takeaway


“Since Covid, deliveries have become a big part of our business and community. It made us consider areas of our business that we ignored previously, like customer organisation, customer waiting times, our website and many more. I believe our industry has been forced to move forward a few years due to covid challenges,” Johnny commented.

Introducing Moores Fish & Chips, the world’s first robotic fish and chips delivery service

Johnny Pereira has pioneered UK food delivery services by becoming the first takeaway to partner with Starship Technologies to deliver food using robots.

These robots can travel at pedestrian speed and navigate around people and objects, can take one delivery at a time and fit up to six portions of fish and chips in their dual insulated compartment. Orders come into the shop via the Starship app, after which a robot is sent to collect it before delivering it within a four-mile radius of the shop – all for just £1 delivery charge!

Johnny believes this version of the technology will become more commonplace as time goes on, as customer convenience will always be essential when it comes to fast-food solutions.


The customer experience – from ordering to delivery

Moores has developed an ordering system that simplifies and streamlines the customer experience:

The online platform enables customers to quickly place their orders, while Starship’s robotics solutions ensure that meals are delivered on time and with consistent quality. With this collaboration, it aims to offer the highest quality customer service, bridging the gap between traditional takeout and modern technology. The result is a customised, automated delivery experience that brings convenience and satisfaction to customers.

Johnny Pereira of Moores Fish and Chips


How robotic delivery is changing the food service industry

Fish and chip shops have been a staple in the British food service industry for generations, but the introduction of robotic delivery technologies is revolutionising the industry. These robots powered by rechargeable batteries produce zero emissions, helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

With increased flexibility for customers, lowering business costs, and faster delivery times, robotic delivery is quickly becoming an integral part of the industry that was once dominated by more traditional methods.

Not only has Moores opened up a new chapter in the food service industry with its robotic fish and chips delivery service, but by having a Florigo Island range, it has brought a new set of benefits that have helped give their staff the tools to work more efficiently and serve customers faster. Johnny says he believes that investing in the best has allowed his staff to work comfortably without having to be in each other’s way.

What’s more, customers have been thrilled by the convenience and speed that this robotic delivery provides, allowing them to enjoy the delicious flavour of fish & chips with minimal effort whilst allowing us to build a trustworthy brand”, Johnny commented.


Finally, we asked Johnny what his recipe for success is.

As the question mentions, it’s a “recipe” of a lot of ingredients: Quality of food and service, close relationship with your suppliers to get the best the market can offer, sustainability, and being flexible to listen to your customers to provide them with new products like the robot delivery service.

To find out more about Moores and to order, visit their website.