Florigo in the Faroe Islands

Florigo in the Faroe Islands

The fishing industry is the main business on the Faroe islands and every year in August they hold the Seaman’s festival. This weekend event takes place to show and tell about the seaman’s life.

The event is free to attend and this includes all food. It is paid for by the companies in the area, one of the largest companies being JFK, a strong fish producing company with almost 100 years of history on the Faroe Islands.  JFK teamed up with Papa’s Barn in Ditton and arranged to supply Great British Fish & Chips to the people attending the event and chose a 3 pan Florigo multi-unit as their chosen fryer complete with high efficiency pans and Active Triple Filtration.

Gavin Lewis from Papa’s Barn was the fryer for the day and even though Gavin is well used to frying on a Florigo range, our multi-unit was still able to impress him as he tells us “The seaman’s festival was an amazing event and the people of the Faroes certainly love their fish and chips. The range enabled us to serve over 7,500 portions of fish and chips (almost double the previous year) in one day, which is some going.  The recovery temperature of the pans is incredible. Thanks to the generosity of JFK and quality “Gadus” prime fillets of cod, we were able to serve everyone great, traditional, fish and chips. Well done Papas barn, JFK, Gadus, Friars Pride and Florigo”

Jógvan Hansen, Sales & Operations Director of JFK told us “On the day we started the florigo range around 10.30am and served the first meals around 11.30am until 1am in the night. We closed after serving 7500 portions of cod and chips. People lined up for 5 hours to get a taste of this. It was a huge success. We could not be more happy with the range.”

It seems Fish & Chips was a winner on the Faroe Islands and the Florigo multi-unit was definitely the right choice for such a busy event.

We thank JFK and Papa’s Barn for choosing Florigo and we look forward to hearing about the event again next year.