Fylde Fish Bar – Southport

Banico Zeniou from Fylde Fish Bar in Southport is no stranger to Fish & Chips. He comes from a family that have been perfecting Fish & Chips since 1962 and has a thriving business with rave reviews all over social media from customers both regular and new.

With Fylde Fish Bar doing so well, the existing range which was only 7 years old just couldn’t cope with the demand and this became a big concern for Banico and his team so the decision was made that a new range was needed. Fylde Fish Bar needed a range that was easy to use, that could deal with the excessive demand and that could consistently produce the best Fish & Chips. Banico knew what the answer was, with his eye for quality, Banico had always wanted a Florigo and he knew that it would do all of these things and more.

John Georgallis met up with Banico at the site and we produced a 5 pan Island range complete with high efficiency pans that come with a 5 year pan warranty, built in Active Triple Filtration to mechanically clean the oil saving money and time, mirror doors to showcase the beautiful food on offer to the customers and our latest feature Halo lighting providing an un-hindered view over the frying area.

Banico went to visit the Florigo factory in Holland where he was given a full tour of the manufacturing facilities. Banico was really impressed with the amount of state-of-the-art technology and high end equipment that is involved in producing Florigo frying ranges along with the level of detail that is required to build our high efficiency pans.  John took Banico to a local Dutch fast food outlet to see how they utilise their Florigo in Holland.

The new Florigo range for Fylde Fish Bar was installed in September 2016 and Banico described it has having a heart transplant for his business. “The new range is great” he said. “The new staff don’t appreciate the difference it makes having never used the previous range but the old crew absolutely love it”. “The Florigo range has cut down staff training as it’s easier to use. the consistency of the product we serve has greatly improved and the output difference is enormous with our high efficiency pans. Its a fantastic range especially for an employee managed shop.

Thank you for choosing Florigo Banico.