NEW Range brings irresistible chips for Gills!

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In August we installed a state of the art 4-pan Florigo island range into Gills Fish & Chips in South Shields. The range features our unique Halo Lighting, Mirror Doors and our built-in Active Triple Filtration system.

This week we caught up with Paul, owner of Gills Fish & Chips to see how he was getting on with his new Florigo.

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Paul has owned and managed Gills for 30 years and offers a wide variety of food on his menu. After a refurbishment, a few years ago, it was time for a range upgrade.

Paul says….

“It’s been a tough year for takeaways and shops. I closed the business to walk-ins during the lockdown, but kept the deliveries going throughout so the business was able to continue with delivery trade coming in. We are now back open and trading steadily at the moment.

I decided to install a Florigo after I went to have a look at a couple of Florigo ranges in other shops and what convinced me was the difference in the quality of chips.  The engineers did a really good job during installation. It took about a day and half and we opened at 6 o’clock ready to go.

We are all really enjoying working on the range. We haven’t changed any oil yet!  We filter daily and just top up if we need to. The chips don’t absorb as much oil either so that’s saving us oil and producing a healthier product.

It’s really easy to train on and the staff are really happy with it. One of my servers commented about how she can’t stop eating the chips because they’re so nice and she doesn’t even like chips! We can tell while we are frying that the chips are a far higher quality.

Tony (the main fryer at Gill’s) has worked for me for over 30 years and he said it’s the best range he has ever fried on!

I would recommend Florigo to anyone. Frying in the round pans is probably my favourite thing, it’s so easy. We are definitely serving a better product to our customers and we are doing it with ease.”

Thank you to Paul and all the staff at Gills for a great visit. 

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