Interview with family-run Golden Galleon from Aldeburgh

This week’s blogs we have the fantastic family run Golden Galleon, sister restaurant to Aldeburgh Fish and Chips.

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This week’s blog we have the fantastic family run Golden Galleon, sister restaurant to Aldeburgh Fish and Chips.

Opening in 1997, the Golden Galleon is 1 of 3 Fish & Chips shops run by Peter, Alan & family, one being the hugely popular Upper Deck located just above and the one where it all started, Aldeburgh Fish & Chips.

Always dedicated to producing the highest quality fish & chips, the Golden Galleon had a full refurbishment back in 2016, which included installing a 6-pan High-Efficiency Florigo range. The island range has 4 round pans for traditional artisan frying and includes exclusive features such as Active Triple Filtration, Halo Lighting & Mirror Doors.

We got the chance to catch up with the Golden Galleon and here’s what they had to say.

It’s been a few years since your refurbishment back in 2016, can you tell us a bit more about your vision and how the refurbishment has benefited your business?

It has greatly improved the quantity and quality of the product I produce.

What are the challenges you face running multiple establishments?

Staffing can be a challenge for us, being a seaside town, we can be five times busier in peak season than in the quiet times. We’re open every day except Christmas.

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What advice would you give to someone opening their first ever Fish and Chip shop?

Invest in a good quality range and choose your suppliers carefully.

Why did you choose a Florigo range for your business?

High build quality and innovative filtration design.

How does frying Florigo compare to other frying ranges you’ve used?

It’s the only range I’ve had that can produce food faster than I can sell it! Previously, I’ve had to wait a while for chips to cook during peak periods.

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Other than Fish & Chips what’s your favourite dish from your menu and why?

Burgers, I like the options of different toppings.

What would you say is the key to your success and longevity?

Location and good quality products.

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What is your favourite memory of the Golden Galleon?

Having the EH officer say he wished all chips shops were designed like us!

What does the future hold for the Golden Galleon?

Hopefully, more of the same!

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If you fancy visiting the Golden Galleon (and we recommend it!) you can find their opening times below.

Monday:         12pm – 2pm;  5pm – 8pm

Tuesday:         12pm – 2pm;  5pm – 8pm

Wednesday:  12pm – 2pm;  5pm – 8pm

Thursday:       12pm – 2pm

Friday:             12pm – 2pm;  5pm – 8pm

Saturday:        12pm – 7pm

Sunday:           12pm – 3pm

A big thank you to everyone at the Golden Galleon, special mention to Peter, Alan and Sally for taking the time out to answer our questions.

Don’t forget to follow them on social media!

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