Florigo High Efficiency pans have been independently approved and regulated for efficiency levels by Gastech, the government body in Holland. Currently only Dutch ranges hold this certification.

In excess of 92% efficient, our pans are built with the latest technology – which means more ease of use for you, our customer. All our technology is around the pan, rather than through it, leaving you to free or basket fry without cumbersome heat exchangers in the way.

Ease of use also means that you get the control you need regardless of the experience of your frier: our High Efficiency burners alter according to the volume put in the pans, giving you a consistent product.

With Florigo HE pans the recovery time is greatly improved. The pan will go back to the set point that you started frying at far quicker, allowing you to dramatically increase productivity and get more food out the door. This means out of an hour period you can get more product through the range, therefore increasing your turnover.

We can even offer our pans in stainless steel or mild steel, just discuss the best option for you with a member of the Florigo Sales Team.

When compared to traditional fryers you can save an average of 50% on your energy bills. High efficiency fryers also dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, saving on frying medium and more importantly gives a healthy product to your customer.

David Nicolaou from Auckley Friery, had impressive savings in his first year of owning a Florigo frying range. Davids gas bill reduced by 50% even with a 25% increase in trade.

Don’t forget, we’re so confident in our pans and what they can do, we offer a no quibble 5-year pan warranty.

Book a meeting with a Sales Manager to see how High Efficiency Pans can improve your business.