Mackays at Syston Service Station

James Kemp owns 9 petrol stations and when it came to Syston Services on the Wanlip Road in Leicester, he decided to try something different and take the storage area and turn it into a Fish and Chip shop….Welcome Mackays Fish & Chips to the industry.

Having done his research by visiting existing fish and chip shops and getting feedback from the trade, he was told that Florigo are the best, the rolls royce and worth the money therefore the decision was made and we installed a 3 pan counter range with a large high efficiency fish pan and 2 high efficiency 3 basket pans. The range included our Active Triple Filtration and multi-coloured LED lighting across the front.

James informs us “Everything is going really well, we are really impressed with the gas usage of the range. We were expecting a gas bill of around £300-£400, when it came in at £93.00 we couldn’t believe how little gas the range has been using”

Having been open 10 weeks now, Mackays are doing exceptionally well, already achieving sales that they had predicted for year 2!

With that level of success, I think its safe to say we may see more Fish & Chip shops on the forecourt in the future.