Meet the Team Tuesday – Carol-Ann

The Florigo team keeps on growing! In this week’s Meet the Team we welcome new team member and our lead generator, Carol-Ann!

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What drives you Carol-Ann?

Knowing that every day is different, every person I speak to has different business goals and every shop has different needs. Every design is different, so I am learning about the industry and designs every day. This drives me because the more I learn, the more I understand.

What do you love most about your job?

Chatting to Owners of fish and chips shops. They have been a great insight to the industry and great training for what I do; and they always will be – each day is never the same. I love taking enquiries about our ranges and speaking to customers about what their plans are. Then I will arrange appointments to develop our relationship with the client, and then seeing everything progress to the point of sale and install. I then speak to customers about their new range and how their business is doing and its great watching their business goals come together for them.

Describe your job in 3 words.

Adaptable. Helpful. Organised.

What has been a big challenge that stands out in your mind?

When Covid hit and we went into the first lockdown and some fish and chip shops started to shut. I had some very challenging conversations with business Owners, some of them made me feel so sad. We set out to assist customers and none customers, to start their journey with a new way of working, which was to introduce Click & Collect.

Some knew about it already, others were so pleased we introduced it to them. The response was amazing, to hear relief in people’s voices and to have someone on the other end of the phone to speak to at that point in time was so important to them. It was a challenge for everyone but within a couple of weeks shops were starting to realise they had to have a Click & Collect option. It kept businesses running through challenging times so we educated as many business owners as possible.

What are your hobbies?

Playing the alto and tenor saxophone. The saxophones consume my spare time; I have a vast repertoire. I’m always learning new songs, which takes a lot of practice time. I do bespoke gigs on the weekends and when I revisit customers it’s important that they hear new content. I am always learning new techniques too. Some are very difficult to learn and can take years and years to master. More importantly I love learning the sax and have some great times with people, and I am always striving to get better and better.

What item would you take on a desert island?

My saxophones! Not sure which one though, probably my Alto as I do upbeat, happy tunes on that one…It’ll keep me jolly on a desert island!!!

What does it take to be successful at Florigo and in this industry?

I think you have to be adaptable, and you have to be quick at it. This industry has learned new ways of working since the pandemic. As a business we have had to adapt the way we design ranges and the advice we give on designing shops. I have had to adapt and learn new trends within the industry which then means the conversations I have with customers need to be current and helpful. Don’t be afraid of learning and don’t pretend to know. This industry is so good at educating each other, no matter what position we are in, we all ask questions. Always be willing to learn and always be willing to give advice where needed.

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