How Will You Celebrate National Fish & Chip Day?

Next month sees the awaited occasion of the year – National Fish & Chip Day – giving us the chance to celebrate our favourite dish and the quality work that has gone into making it the national staple that it is today.

Friday 5th June 2016 is National Fish & Chip Day’s second year, bringing together everyone from fish and chip shops, restaurants and retailers, to the fisherman and farmers who provide the sustainable and natural ingredients. Established by The National Edible Oil Distributors’ Association (NEODA), the event aims to celebrate the efforts needed to create this iconic family dish, and promote the good quality, great tasting fish and chips that everyone knows and loves to eat.

What’s happening?

Fish and chip shops from across the UK will be participating in the day’s special activities to promote the event in their local area, however any fish and chip shop or food establishment can get involved through social media, using the hashtag #NationalFishandChipDay.

At Florigo we’re all about helping you, our clients to provide the best fish and chip dining experience for your customers, which is why National Fish & Chip Day is a great opportunity for us to collaborate with others and commend the hard work of all the fish and chip providers in the UK.

Why celebrate National Fish & Chip Day?

NEODA has set up the annual event to get people enthused about the great tasting family favourite, but also to make people aware of using ethical, sustainable and high standard products and processes in the UK.

NEODA was established in 1947 as an organisation for members including edible oil and fats refiners, processors, distributors, waste oil collectors and cold pressed producers. It also covers manufacturers and suppliers of non-oil products and other industry bodies. For fish and chip establishments, using the quality sourced oil products that NEODA protects and promotes, will help sustain the UK industry as well as offer people better tasting food.

Our new Active Triple Filtration System in our frying ranges allows fish and chip businesses to get the most out of their oil, for cleaner products and an improved service. You can find out more about our new system here.

Fish and chips facts – the national dish we love

Here are 5 amazing facts you can share with your customers on National Fish & Chip Day!

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