Old Leake Fish & Chips

There was something missing from Darryl Tuohy’s local area and that was a good chippy, when a site came up right across the road from where he lives it was the perfect spot for him to secure and Old Leake Fish & Chips was soon underway.

Darryl is no stranger to frying ranges however the last one he used was 40 years old! So he thought it was about time he experienced a new range for his new premises and after looking online and reading reviews on forums, the Florigo name kept coming up as the best. Darryl contacted us and we invited him to the upcoming exhibition in Peterborough where he was able to feel the metal of a Florigo frying range and really appreciate the vast difference in build quality that we provide.

Florigo’s John Georgallis then visited the new site with Darryl and designed a 3 pan counter range to meet Darryl’s needs. Due to the limited gas supply at the site, we supplied an all electric range complete with our Active Triple Filtration system and a stylish multi-coloured LED lighted front to invite all of the hungry customers inside.

Old Leake Fish & Chips has been open for a few months now and Darryl could not be happier with the performance of his range. “The range is excellent with no loss of power” he tells me, “Even on the busiest of days, it is 100% and the Florigo team are an absolute pleasure to deal with”.

Thank you for Choosing Florigo Darryl.