5 reasons to love the 2019 Fish and Chip Awards

Couple frying fish and chips on Florigo range with National Fish and Chip Awards

The Fish and Chip Awards are in full swing and we’re excited!

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  1. Healthy competition

The Fish and Chip Awards raises the bar and gives all fish and chip shops, restaurants and mobiles a level to aspire to each year. In recent years, fish and chip shops are really upping their game, they are taking risks and providing nothing short of excellence! The awards expose real chip shop talent and allow people the opportunity to evolve with the ever-changing industry.

  1. Social Media and PR peaks

The belly growls get a lot louder and a lot more frequent leading up to the awards, due to all the delicious food plastered all over our feeds. One thing that is especially great about social media in the lead-up, is the overwhelming amount of support the nominees and finalists receive post- announcements. There is nothing but encouragement and support for every entrant, even from the competition. Social media is the perfect outlet to update your customers on your successes, so yay for everyone!

  1. Brings staff together

Everyone who enters the awards, ultimately want the same thing. They strive for success, but realistically nobody can do it alone! The awards give people the opportunity to work together more to achieve that common goal. It can take you out your comfort zone and push you to take risks, but always with the support of everyone around you.

  1. Everyone is in with a chance

It’s easy enough to enter the awards so never doubt your shop or your talent and apply! You have a chance of winning, you just need to show everyone what you can do. The outcome of winning an award is worth all the effort that you put in, as it will have an enormous impact on your business performance. Don’t just be hungry for fish and chips, be hungry for success.

  1. Provides endless opportunities

You can end up traveling and learning so much by simply being a part of the awards. For example, the NCFA provide expense-paid industry study trips to shortlisted businesses so they can learn even more about the industry. Previous shortlisted businesses have seen turnover increase by up to 50%, and winners seeing turnover increase up to 100%. This is an incredible increase, with all the fantastic PR and marketing opportunities, your business will find itself with endless room to keep growing. As Yazz once famously said, the only way is up.

For more information or to view the full shortlist visit:www.fishandchipawards.com/ or follow: @FishNChipAwards #FishnChipAwards.