Veganuary 2021 – Why offer Vegan food on your menu?

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is simply a 31-day challenge to only eat vegan food in January & if you haven’t heard of Veganuary yet, you should have. Over 1 million people have taken part so far with 1,200 new products and menus launched in 2020 alone!

Why should your shop take part in Veganuary?

January is a time where everyone is still taking their “New year. New me” seriously. Not only does taking part open up your business to new vegan customers in the long term but allows you to ride the trend wave of everyone taking part. Once the month is over you can simply take off all the additional items you added or only leave the best sellers, we would advise the latter.

By adding Vegan options to your menu, you are opening the doors to a new market of customers wishing they could enjoy the delicious chip-shop style of food. Plus, with the new lockdown in place, you may find the demand for vegan food for delivery or collection isn’t being met.

So, what vegan products should you try out?

Probably the easiest way to provide vegan options on your menu is to buy in vegan pies.

Onion rings is another favourite for all involved and if you have the right equipment you could even add plant-based burgers to your menu.

If you haven’t tried vegan products on your menu before, now is the time to test the waters so see if the market is there for your shop or not. A chip shop in Bristol launched an all plant-based menu in September 2020 and sold out in just a day! Read more about that here.

For more ideas why not check out the Veganuary blog we did last year!